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RS 50/50

£7.80 per bag inc. delivery + VAT

Minimum order 1 pallet =  30 bags

If you wish to order less than one pallet or more than 20 pallets please contact us…

This unique product by Royal Stable is a mix of RS Pure Chop combined with wood shavings. With all the absorbency and respiratory benefits of RS Pure Chop, the addition of wood shavings means this product has extra softness. All wood shavings are dust extracted to create this superior product, RS 50/50.

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Please note the Royal Stable website is brand new. At present we can only accept payment via PayPal, but we will very shortly be able to to accept card payments too. 

If you have a Royal Stable account, please call or email to place your order. Moffett forklift available on request. Delivery within 100 miles of  PE37 included free of charge. 

The unique advantages of RS 50/50 are highlighted as follows:

  • COSTS – Huge reduction in overall annual bedding costs
  • PERFORMANCE – absorbs up to 6 times it own weight in liquid over other types such as wood shavings
  • STAFF PRODUCTIVITY – box cleaning times reduce from 30 minutes to 10 minutes (up to 300% benefit over shavings)
  • EASY TO USE – a very simple product to use
  • STORAGE – lower per tonne storage costs than other bedding types due to compact nature of product in bags
  • WASTE – up to 60% less waste taken from each box
  • COMPOST – easily and quickly composts down to a usable fertiliser

To lay the box is very easy and the RS 50/50 can be used on any type of floor surface from wood and concrete to rubber mats.

To lay a typical box of 3m x 3m you would need 8 to 10 of 17kgs bags. This will give a depth of bed of around 50mm – 75mm. Within 24 hours the bed will have fluffed up to provide the horse very good protection from cold and damp. RS 50/50 is available in 17kg bags and bulk 1 tonne bags if required.

To keep the box topped up you will only need one (maximum 2) bag(s) per week or top up.