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Royal Stable is 100% natural bedding made using the waste product of wheat crops. Using an all natural product has huge health benefits for horses and humans, but also has huge environmental benefits too. Royal Stable bedding is sustainable, cost effective and zero waste.

Our bedding is made from British Oil Seed Rape Straw.  After being chopped the bedding goes through our intense dust extraction system, before being compressed into the bag.  The result is a very low dust bedding which is cost effective, comfortable and highly absorbent but also healthier for both horse and stable attendants.

Disposal of Royal Stable bedding is easy as it is biodegradable and enhances soil quality. Our bedding will compost down or can be used to muck spread on fields – farmers are often keen to take a Royal Stable muck pile away for you!

Royal Stable is a family owned and run business.  We’re proud to work with local farmers to ensure that the maximum use is made of the whole wheat crop.  Our experience, quality and passion is shown in our product range.


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